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Prague is a city full of paradoxes, always ready to surprise the most experienced travelers. A lot of unique objects are far from the tourist route, and those who want to take a closer look at the Czech capital will discover a number of interesting facts and answers to the most unexpected questions.

The main thing and not the main thing.

It is common knowledge that the main temple of Prague is St. Vitus Cathedral, Vaclav and Vojtěch. Without diminishing its significance, it is worth noting that this is not the oldest Catholic religious structure of the city. The Church of the Virgin Mary in Prague Castle is older than the present St. Vitus Cathedral for nearly 500 years, it was built at the end of the IX century and is the oldest temple in Prague. Even if we take for the date of the foundation of St. Vitus Cathedral the construction of the basilica, which did not survive until our days, on the site of which the cathedral was later built, then that ancient church still concedes at the age of the Church of the Virgin Mary. The surviving parts of the church can be seen through the glass in the transition from 2 to 4 parts of the palace.

If the seniority of St. Vitus Cathedral is so easy to challenge, then there is no doubt that he is at least the highest Prague temple. As an architectural dominant, he raised his Great Tower to a height of 96 meters above the city. Only the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary of the Snow on the junction of the Old and New Places, it succumbs to the main temple only a few meters in height of the vault. The ambitious architectural project was designed to surpass the St. Vitus Cathedral in height, but the Hussite wars prevented the implementation of this daring intent.

Wenceslas Square is the longest square in the city. Its length is 682 meters. However, being the main square, it is not the largest. By quadrature it exceeds the Charles Square (80,550 square meters).

The main statue of Prague is on Wenceslas Square. The sculpture of St. Wenceslas is by far the most significant, but not the greatest. The largest equestrian statue in the city is located on the top of Vitkov Hill. The monumental figure of the hero of the Hussite wars of Yana Zizhka is nine meters high. Its length from the muzzle to the tip of the horse's tail is 9 meters and 60 centimeters.

An integral part of the image of Prague became its medieval towers. If you count only the main towers, then the total number of them will exceed 500. And if you add here not the main towers on the houses ... However, no one has yet been able to indicate their exact number.

Residential and non-residential.

Is it possible to clasp the facade of a residential building with your hands? Certainly! But only in Prague. At the address Anežská 1043/4 is the smallest house in Prague. The width of its facade is only 2 meters and 25 centimeters. At the turn of the XIX and XX centuries in this miniature building was a brothel. The second place in terms of compactness is occupied by the Hotel Clementine, the facade of which exceeds the width of the facade of the house on Anegean by 1 meter and 3 centimeters.

The tallest building in the city is the tower of Zizkov. This television station with a large margin leads among the high-rise buildings of Prague. The next highest city tower is less than a hundred meters behind the tower.

One of the legendary places in Prague is the cafe Slavia. It has always been a favorite institution of the capital's bohemia, as well as visiting intelligentsia. It is known that Marina Tsvetaeva loved to be here. But not only this is famous Slavia. This is the oldest cafe in the city. For the first time it opened its doors to visitors in 1881.

Much more ancient history has a beer cell at Fluke, which served customers in the late Middle Ages. It was built in 1499, and today it is the oldest brewery in Prague. For this reason, it has gained immense popularity among tourists and at the moment has become a tourist attraction, which can be visited only for a tick.

Another unique place in Prague is the hospital at Františku. Founded in 1320, the hospital, since then, not for one day did not stop its work. Originally it was a monastery hospital with 14 beds. Over the centuries, the building was rebuilt, upper floors were added to it. The scientific activity of the hospital also did not stand still - new medical departments appeared, it became a major medical center. Today the oldest hospital in Prague is equipped with the most modern equipment and patients here receive qualified medical assistance.

Among the cultural and mass buildings of the city is worth noting Strahov arena. This is the largest stadium in Prague, and its field is the largest in the world - 63 000 square meters. On its stands the stadium is able to accommodate 220,000 spectators.

Going beyond the limits of statistical indicators, the inhabitants of Prague identified the most successful modern architectural project. They recognized the building of the National Technical Library, built in 2009 in the territory of the Czech Polytechnic University. The title of the main failure of modern architectural design in 2016 was given to the building of Crysral in the Vinohrady area. According to the results of the poll among Prague residents, it was named after him "Glass Hell".

Streets and parks.

Can you imagine the capital's street, which you can measure in three dozen steps? In Prague you can. 27 meters - the length of the street Jiřího Červeného. This shortest street of the city is located on the island of Kampa.

Fans of long walk marches are better to choose Strakonická street for walking. The length of this longest street in Prague exceeds 15 kilometers.

The largest park area is called Stromovka. Today, this picturesque park on the banks of the Vltava River is a favorite place for Sunday walks and family vacations. It was created in the second half of the 13th century for royal amusements and hunting games.

Water records.

The main river of the Czech Republic is Vltava, on its banks and islands the historical center of Prague is built. At its widest point, it reaches 330 meters. Through the capital passes 30 kilometers of the Vltava River, on this stretch the river is washed by 9 islands.

Over the Vltava, the oldest bridge in Prague, the famous Charles Bridge, was built, which was built in 1357. An interesting fact - the longest Prague bridge across the Vltava is not a modern engineering project. This is the Negrelli Viaduct, built in 1850. For a long time it was the longest bridge in Europe, and to this day remains the longest in the Czech Republic. Its length is 1111 meters. After the Charles Bridge Viagra Negregli takes second place by seniority.

The deepest well of Prague, reaching the waters of the Vltava, was excavated in the late Middle Ages on the territory of the Prague Castle. The water level in it reaches a record level of 46 meters, and the depth of the well itself is 70 meters.

The urban development of Prague is as contrasted as the locality where the city is located. The highest point on its map is the unremarkable hill of Telechek (Zlicin district). The top of it almost reaches a four-hundred-meter mark above sea level. Also on the periphery is the lowest point - 177 meters above sea level. This is the lower course of the Vltava River in the Suchdol area.

You can spend a lot of time in Prague, or even live in it all your life, but it's impossible to know it thoroughly. She will always present surprises, and give the most unexpected answers to questions - while you have a desire to ask them.

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